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Letter to the Editor - May 28th, 2005

Letter to the Editor

May 28th, 2005

I always read the curmudgeons articles with great enthusiasm: they confirm my definition of CAVE people, Citizens Against Virtually Everything! With the exception of Frank Lukasik, who actually had something positive to say about Murdock Village, they are a waste of talent. They are, in my opinion, subversive. Look up subversive before you blast me with a letter or e-mail. I will send you a definition in case you don’t have, or do not know how to use, a dictionary.

Many of the Curmudgeons have written surreptitiously as supposed “letters to the editor” when in fact they are carefully publishing a political manifesto of a self appointed group of narrow minded right wing conservatives who want to drive the political bus in Charlotte County without paying for the bus or the gas! Certainly without being elected!

Curmudgeon Joe Dixon’s pro-phosphate mining column of October 20, 2003, really caught my attention. I have read all of their articles ever since, waiting to see if in fact they would contribute something to actually help the people of Charlotte County.

Where were these guys when the people of Charlotte County needed them? Were they serving food, or delivering ice? Or working with the emergency teams throughout the county? Did they work with the Sheriff’s Office, or even with the church groups, service clubs, homeowner’s associations, and myriad volunteers that came to the aid of residents of Charlotte County. Did they attend any of the FEMA meetings, or get involved with any aspect of the reconstruction of the damaged areas of our county? Or were they sitting around, pissing and moaning, trying to decide who should write the next letter to the editor?

Have they presented to the Commissioners any alternatives to any of the issues they have written about? I don’t remember seeing any one from the Curmudgeons at any of the commission meetings I’ve attended.

Tell me anything positive about the Curmudgeons. I would love to hear it.

I believe these guys would take away my freedom to express my views: they have in fact demanded that the newspapers only print articles that fit their beliefs! They want their freedoms, they just don’t want you or I to have any.

Time to shine the light on the Curmudgeons.

George Mindling
Port Charlotte, FL

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